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Clean for Life

Our "Clean for Life" program is a great way to keep your carpets clean and odor free. For a monthly fee, you will get your carpets cleaned every 4 months in addition to other benefits.

Your new carpet or freshly cleaned carpet, can, with very little effort on your part, and with the help of CLEANING CLINIC, INC. retain a level of appearance that would be impossible with unplanned periodic maintenance. Most residential carpet is cleaned when it looks dirty, but carpet is designed to hide dirt.

Quoting from Allied Corporation's (producers of Anso fiber) Planned Preventive Maintenance Manual, "Carpet allowed to soil heavily is difficult to restore, seldom regains its "new" beauty, and needs replacement too soon." The result of such unplanned, periodic maintenance looks something like this:

image 1

Quoting again, a major fiber producer, DuPont, who makes Antron Plus. "A routine maintenance program is critically important in maintaining carpet at a satisfactory level" The result of such a routine maintenance program looks something like this:

image 1

Commercial carpet users know this. That's the reason they either employ their own people to provide planned maintenance, or contract to have it done. CLEANING CLINIC, INC. offers that same kind of program for your residential carpet. "CLEAN FOR LIFE" - PLANNED CARPET MAINTENACE.

For nearly the same cost as that of a yearly cleaning, which will eventually produce results as in example #1, you can enjoy the benefits of a planned maintenance program.


Every 120 days CLEANING CLINIC, INC. will inspect your carpet and take whatever action is necessary to restore it to level "A". That specifically includes spot and stain treatment, deep vacuuming and cleaning of high traffic areas. The results are shown in example #2.

You will never worry about your carpet looking dirty again. Our unique combination of equipment, cleaning materials, and trained technicians will assure that your carpet never becomes objectionably soiled.

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